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Celebrating Marios(myson) birthday tonight, will be on tomorrow night
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Thank you for your donation Robmc
Uyarrai Kameemalik
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asuh doodz
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Thank you for your donation Bigfoot
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Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Canadians

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Frames Per Second.....
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Frames Per Second....Big Debate

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  I'm going to explain the reasoning behind limiting the FPS on the FTAG server.

  When COD4 originally came out, the IW servers were limited to 90FPS. This is the limitation of the engine that is being used. At that time, if you had the boss of all computers you may have reached in the 75FPS neighborhood at best with dips as low as 25FPS depending on the map...... Stock maps were optimized and the introduction of dedicated servers and custom maps made your FPS even lower. Depending on your ping, average set ups would give you 35-60 FPS.

  Fast forward to today...... Most can run wide open and get 300FPS but that creates a bunch of problems. Remember what you see on screen is not always what's happening and at 300FPS crazy things start to happen. Actually anything over 125FPS is problematic. Hit registration, jump height, walking speed are out of control, bouncing off irregular surfaces, etc. Jumper mods run at 250+FPS for a reason.

  The point of limiting FPS is to stop those out of control actions. Making the server a level playing field for all was and is the goal. It's no fun having someone come in and rule in gameplay because they spent 7k on a rig. We want all players to have the same advantages and disadvantages. If it was up to me we would set the FPS at 60 and then not even ping will make a difference. The game would be played, as it was intended, back in 2007.

  We have also made sure no one can change their video settings to make foliage disappear or bind their scroll button to fire a single shot weapon.... And hard coded many other settings as well.

  Femme wanted to get rid of all the cheaters and manipulators ingame. I think we've done that. Certain regulars are no longer gaming on the Ftag server because we closed the loop on their exploits. They went elsewhere to cheat.

  Concentrate on having fun on the server and not on how fast you can run the game to gain an advantage over someone with a higher ping or outdated computer. I think our server runs pretty smooth compared to others and is error free, BTW. Lots of work has gone into making it a better place to game.

  Most, if not all changes, have been in place for many months. If your just noticing now, then I'll take that as a compliment to the server setup. 🙂





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