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[Sticky] Connection Interruptions

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Apparently there are a few players complaining about CI's while playing on the FreezeTag server.


I check the console logs regularly, almost 3 times a week and our server is running clean with no errors.

If it was the server causing the issue, EVERYONE would be having issues. If it's a bad map, EVERYONE would be having issues. Not just a certain few.

I'll try to explain..... 

Everyone's path to the server is different. Along the way, if your connection encounters a spike, lag or latency increase, you will have an interruption or CI.  Not everyone's path is the same, there are many connections between your computer and the server computer. So if everyone is experiencing the same issue, I would tend to think it's at the end of your connection, which would be the server.... If only a few are experiencing issues, then I would say it's in your pathway ( connection ). Many use the same HUB(switch location) to eventually get there, so that could also be the issue.

Also take into consideration what time of the year it is, holiday season is bad because of increased data usage across the board. Unfortunately you can't change your connection path to any server, so the only solution is put up with it, or we move the server to a different location giving everyone that different pathway.

Hopefully this clears up why some players get CI's and others don't. I guess it hits home for me because the first thing I get called on is: "Did you change something on the server?". If I did something wrong, EVERYONE would be having the same issue across the board, not only a few. Don't get me wrong, if your having issues, please report them. We need to take care of all our players and make the server a fun place to game.

Rant over.... 🤓 




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Just an FYI I was the only person that asked if you had changed anything on the server.

Also I will not be moving the server to a different location.

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