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Search and Rescue
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Search and Rescue

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Some of you have shown interest in having a objective type gametype.

Search and Rescue

It is a mix between Search and Destroy and Kill Confirmed, where two teams battle and drop tags when killed, the difference being in Search and Rescue obtaining a teammates dog tags will revive them while if an enemy grabs them, they will be eliminated from the round. there is also a Second Chance percentage, if the tags are not picked up, that the player could respawn.

The objective of this game is to destroy one of two objectives on the map or kill all enemy players and collect their dog tags. The first team to either destroy one of the objectives or kill all enemy players within the time limit, will win the round and score a point. Only one bomb will be available in this mode. If the player holding the bomb is killed, the other players must grab the bomb and continue the mission. If the enemy picks up the bomb, they have the option to destroy the briefcase which can win the round or continue as an elimination round.

Field Orders are special assignments that appear as a blue suitcase dropped from the first death of the match. Once the suitcase is picked up, the player is given a random special assignment/challenge. If the player fails to complete the Order and dies carrying the case, it will be dropped, players can pick it up again, and a new random order is given to the next player who picks it up. Once the Order is completed, they will be rewarded. This version has special Perk Rewards

1 = full ammo
2 = extra health
3 = special weapon
4 = faster move speed
5 = extra grenades
6 = see all enemies
7 = flashbang grenade armor
8 = concussion grenade armor
9 = claymore armor
10 = c4 armor
11 = Frag grenade armor
12 = Hardpoint armor
13 = Rank Up ( Ranked Server only )

This gametype is custom coded by myself to be on COD4. There are various versions coded into Pro Mod but they are spin offs of my original.

If there is enough interest, I will rebrand it for {F4H}.

You can search it in game, {F4H} Search and Rescue or by I.P.

We'll move the server to the {F4H}, once we decides if we're keeping it.

Please post any discussions in this thread.



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Very nice, HolyMoly!

I just played a 1-on-1 game with Hooper and I like it! We didn't have enough players to try out some of the multiplayer features like picking up dog tags and so on, but I like the quick defuse and basic gameplay a lot!

Hopefully we can get a few folks to join sometime soon so we can see how the game plays with more players! 

Thanks for setting it up!

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tried to make it in there, accidentally clicked on a random server which screwed my whole game up and I had to reinstall the game

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