Welcome to Fight 4 Honor - A clan founded in December of 2012 by {F4H}Femme, consisting of players from all over the world with all types of gaming styles. We play to have fun and to unwind after a long day, have some laughs with friends and make new friends as well. We have a great group of people here and we are looking for players with the same ideals to join us. We are a mature, friendly, helpful, and respectful group, and we are team players. So come in and enjoy the fun on our servers or on our teamspeak. Although it is not a requirement to have a mic {unless you want to be an admin} it is very helpful for intel in Freezetag.

Server Rules:
- Do not complain in the server, please use the forums instead if you have an issue.
- No swearing, racism or profanity.Also no politics.
- No hopping to avoid death, bullets,clay's etc, jumping ONLY over objects or to throw a nade or c4.
- No dolphin diving, if you go prone in a gun fight you MUST stay prone.
- Do not spam bullets in the server, you MUST have a target, no guessing.Do not shoot through smoke or walls either.
- Do not change your graphics in any way to gain an advantage such as removing grass or trees.
- Do not scroll fire or use anything that makes a single shot become an auto.
- No advertising for other clans or servers.
- Do not spam the voice chat please, it should be used mainly for giving intel.
- Speak and type only english in our servers please.

Forum Rules:
- NO swearing or profanity
- NO advertising or soliciting
- NO personal attacks
- NO racism
- NO sexual content
- NO trolling
- NO drama

Written by {F4H}Femme{F}